Alexandria Dravillas is a Chicago-based artist and documentary photographer born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. She currently studies at DePaul University, where she is pursuing a double major in Psychology with a concentration in Human Services, and in Media Art with a concentration in Photography. Her photography was first exhibited at The Frame Shop Bridgeport, IL in 2017. In addition to her practice as an exhibiting artist photographing abstract landscapes - Alexandria photographs concerts, and live events. She has photographed musical artists including Twin Peaks, The Growlers, and Mac Demarco as well as political figures such as Tina Tchen and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Alexandria’s high-profile event photography includes coverage of 1871, which was recently named the number one university affiliated business incubator in the world. Alexandria’s documentary work deals with the idea of truth and questions our understanding of reality. She seeks to create work that is chromatic, vibrant, and probes the unseen and overlooked – highlighting the mundane and hidden aspects of her world.


instagram: @alexandriadravillas

facebook: Alexandria Dravillas Photography